KCDA Contract Information

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Awarded Vendor:

Hellas Construction, Inc.

KCDA Bid Number:

AEPA 016-G

Contract Expiration Date:

February 28, 2018

Approved Products/Services:

Bid Tabulation/Evaluation Available Upon Request

Athletic Surfaces:

Synthetic Turf

Award Letter

Extension Letter 2017

Primary Vendor Contact:

Ben Johnson

Phone: 425-248-8779

Cell: 425-248-8779


Ruth Hawley






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Order Placement/Processing:

Valerie Buckbee

Phone: 425-251-8115, 800-422-5019 ext. 134

Fax: 253-395-5402

email: vbuckbee@kcda.org

Required Public Works Procedures:

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Bid Information:

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KCDA Authorizing Statutes:

Revised Code of Washington 28A.320.080, Cooperative Purchasing.

Revised Code of Washington 39.34, Interlocal Government Agreements.

Oregon Revised Statute 279A.210, Joint Cooperative Procurements.

Alaska Statute 36.30.700, Cooperative Purchasing Authorized.

Idaho Code 67-2328, Joint Exercise of Powers.

For other state statutes goto www.kcda.org, click on the Membership tab and click on Statutory Authorizations.