KCDA Contract Information

** KCDA does not charge service fees on our vendor direct contracts **

Awarded Vendor:

The Part Works, Inc.


16-305, Bottle Water Filling Stations

Contract Expiration Date:

May 31, 2019

Award Letter

Extension Letter 2017

Extension Letter 2018

Approved Products/Services:

Oasis & Halsey Taylor

KCDA Contact:

Valerie Buckbee, Contract and Procurement Specialist

Phone: 800-422-5019, 425-251-8115, ext. 134

Direct Line: 425-282-0677

Fax: 253-395-0677

email: vbuckbee@kcda.org

Primary Vendor Contact:

Cylisa N. Brown

phone: 206-632-8900

email: cylisa@thepartworks.com

Member Ordering Process:

Direct Ship/Requires Vendor PO

1. Members: Please confirm your organization's membership with KCDA (www.kcda.org). If you have any questions or need help in becoming a member of KCDA, please contact KCDA Customer Service at 800-422-5019 or by email at: customerservice@kcda.org.

2. The Part Works an authorized dealer for Oasis and/or Halsey Taylor Bottle filling stations, will submit a signed and dated proposal or quote to each interested KCDA member in accordance with the pricing awarded under this contract. If pricing has been negotiated due to volume purchasing, the price must be noted as negotiated and the negotiated price must be less than the firm price quoted. The Part Works the authorized dealer must specifically state the KCDA contract number #16-305 on their proposal to each KCDA member. This proposal must identify the member’s contact name, e-mail address and phone # of the person responsible for approving this purchase. This member contact information is critical, and if not provided, may be grounds for delaying the processing of the order as well as eventual payment to The Part Works.

3. Members should send a copy of their PO made out to the Authorized Oasis and/or Halsey Taylor dealer “The Part Works” and a copy of  the Part Works dealer quote to Valerie Buckbee at KCDA vbuckbee@kcda.org; 425-251-8115 Ext. 134. Upon KCDA's verification of membership and pricing, KCDA will reply to email that the pricing has been verified to both the member and also the Oasis and/or Halsey Taylor authorized dealer The Part Works. The Oasis and/or Halsey Taylor authorized dealer can then process the member PO against the Oasis and/or Halsey Taylor Authorized Dealer proposal. The Contract Specialist will request additional information, such as scope of work and item/part number along with pricing for each line item as needed. Failure to provide adequate evaluation information may result in delay of approval by Contract Specialist.

4. A copy of the order will be kept on file at KCDA.

5. Bottle Filling Stations must not be installed, licensed or released to any member agency using the KCDA contract without emailed approval by KCDA.

6. Orders processed against this contract by customers who are not KCDA members or without e-mailed approval from KCDA are in violation of contract #16-305 specifications. Vendors not following proper procedures may be removed from consideration for future awards.

7. KCDA reserves the right to revise the ordering process above at their sole discretion, if deemed necessary for contract management or audit purposes. An implementation for change will be coordinated with The Part Works it Authorized Oasis and/or Halsey Taylor Dealer as needed

Bid Information:

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KCDA Authorizing Statutes:

Revised Code of Washington 28A.320.080, Cooperative Purchasing.

Revised Code of Washington 39.34, Interlocal Government Agreements.

Oregon Revised Statute 279A.210, Joint Cooperative Procurements.

Alaska Statute 36.30.700, Cooperative Purchasing Authorized.

Idaho Code 67-2328, Joint Exercise of Powers.

For other state statutes goto www.kcda.org, click on the Membership tab and click on Statutory Authorizations.