Instructions for School Start Up Order Forms


These forms may be used for staff members who will not be entering

orders directly into Supply Link.


You can access KCDA’s paper order forms by logging into


Select the following menus:

  • Ordering Information
  • Order Forms
  • School Start-Up Order Forms

Select a category – at this point you can print out the form, or enter items directly on screen.

To print the order form:

  • Under the file menu select print - OR -
  • Go to the bottom of the form and use the print button

To order on screen:

CAUTION: the order must be completed in one sitting as the saved form will not retain the quantities entered.

  • Enter the header information.
  • Enter the quantity desired in the grayed rectangle using your tab key to navigate the quantity fields.
  • The program will tally the total by line and give a grand total at the bottom of the page.
  • When you have completed the order, select the “Create Order” button at the bottom of the page.
  • At this point you can make changes by selecting “Edit Order” or print your order.

To search for an item:

  • PC – press Ctrl F and enter a brief description i.e. tissues.
  • MAC- press Apple F and enter a description, this will highlight an item with those words in the description. To see the next item with that description press Apple G.

Pricing is estimated and does not include your local sales tax.

Give your completed order to your school secretary for approval. Once approved, it can be entered into KCDA Supply Link, phoned faxed or mailed to KCDA.

School Year 2013-2014 - Inprogress


Special Item Request Form

Blank Order Form - PDF format


Art Supplies - Section 1, A through C

Art Supplies - Section 2, D through M

Art Supplies - Section 3, N through Paint Accessories

Art Supplies - Section 4, Paint Brushes through Palette Knives

Art Supplies - Section 5, Paper through Q

Art Supplies - Section 6, R through Z

Athletics, Section 1, A through G

Athletics, Section 2, H through Z

Audio Visual/Projection Lamps, Full Section

Custodial Supplies, Section 1, A through C

Custodial Supplies, Section 2, D through L

Custodial Supplies, Section 3, M through Z

Early Childhood, Full section

First Aid, Full Section

Furniture, Section 1, A through C

Furniture, Section 2, D through Z

Industrial Arts, Section 1, A through C

Industrial Arts, Section 2, D through Z

Library Supplies, Full Section

Lunchroom & Food Service Supplies, Section 1, A through Food Clean-up

Lunchroom & Food Service Supplies, Section 2, Food Consumables

Lunchroom & Food Service Supplies, Section 3, Food Preparation through Z

Music Supplies, Full Section

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 1, A through B

Office/Classroom Supplies, Calendars PDF file

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 3, Carbon Paper through D

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 4, E

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 5, F

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 6, G through L

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 7, M-N

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 8, P through Paper, Copy

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 9, Paper, Designer through Paper, Three Line

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 10, Paper Hole Punches through Pencils

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 11, Pens through Post-it Notes

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 12, Printer Cartridges

Office/Classroom Supplies, Section 13, R through Z

Science, Section 1, A through E

Science, Section 2, F through L

Science, Section 3, M through Z


If you have comments or questions regarding these forms please

contact KCDA at or by phone 425-251-8115, 800-422-5019.