KCDA Supply Link Approver Instructions

Your shoppers have access to Supply Link 24/7 from any computer. Once a cart is checked out by a shopper the following will occur:

You will receive an e-mail notification from KCDA that a cart needs your attention. A cart cannot reach KCDA until you have approved it.

    Approving carts from your "To Do List"

  • Sign on to Supply Link using your user name and password. Please keep your password confidential so you remain the only one with approval authority.
  • Click the "To Do" button near the top of the screen. The cart(s) requiring approval will be listed.
  • Click on the cart you want to look at. The cart will appear just like when you create your own cart, but your "Tools" will now be different. Instead of "shop, park, check out, etc.", your tools allow you to:
  • Approve the cart, add a P.O. # and click the update button next to the field. Then click "Approve Cart".  Depending on how your district is set up, the cart will go on to the next level of approval or directly to KCDA.
  • Cancel the cart, it is terminated and will no longer function.
  • Modify To cart contents, click "Modify Cart". You may now change quantities, add or remove items and change payment method.
  • Edit Cart : To make changes to the cart header, click the "edit" key in the upper right corner of the blue field.  Make your changes and click the "update" key in the lower right corner to save the changes.
  • When you have made all changes needed click "End Modify" in your tools to save changes.
  • Return the Cart to the originator by clicking this button. To add a comment or instructions prior to sending a cart back click "add comment" under the blue field. Enter comment and click "save" then click "close".  When you "Return the Cart", the person getting it back will receive e-mail notification it has been sent back. They may then read your comments, make changes, and resubmit it.
  • Put on Hold will park the cart until it can be processed.

    Approving carts from your Cart Manager. This feature allows you to process multiple carts at one time.

  • Click on your "Cart Manager".
  • Select the "Open Carts" status
  • Check "Show Group Carts"
  • Check "Show Actions"
  • Check "Go". 
  • A List of Carts will display

    You may add PO numbers

  • Then click on the appropriate action. 
  • Click the "Take Action" button” on the bottom of the page.

HINT: You may sort items by numeric order by clicking "KCDA #" in the blue bar above the cart contents.  Click once for item numbers ranging highest to lowest and a second time for lowest to highest (same order as KCDA packing slips and invoices).


Please contact KCDA with any questions.

e-mail: customerservice@kcda.org

Phone:425-251-8115, 1-800-422-5019.

Fax: 253-395-5402