KCDA Supply Link User Instructions


KCDA is a Washington based non-profit purchasing cooperative owned by Washington Public School Districts. All pricing reflected on the Supply Link confirmation is guaranteed (except food & furniture) and includes the KCDA service fee and freight.


To Access Supply Link

  • Open up your web browser and go to www.kcda.org and login.

To Register as a New User

  • Scroll down and click on register as a new buyer. Fill out the information and click submit. You will receive an e-mail notifying you when you are activated.

To Sign on to Supply Link

  • On the log in page, enter your User Name and Password. Click "Submit".

Creating a Cart

  • On the Home Page, click "create cart" under Tools on the right hand side.
  • If delivery is needed immediately, put today's date in the date delivered field. If this is an order for future delivery (start up orders) enter the date you would like the order delivered. Hint- it is much easier to use the calendar icon for this step.
  • Put your name and dept. in the "Cart Name/Mark For" field. It is very important that you clearly label your cart.
  • The "KCDA Instructions" field can be used for any additional info that will help ID your order (Delivery Information - ie: construction notes or who to contact prior to summer delivery).


  • Click "Create and Shop" in the lower right corner. This will take you to the catalog index to Browse or Search for products.
  • If you already know the KCDA item number and quantity you want to order, you can click "Express Shop".
  • To add an item to your cart in the shop screen, enter the quantity needed then click the gold "Add" button. A check mark indicates the item(s) was successfully added to your cart.
  • You may enlarge a picture and get a more detailed description by clicking on the picture or item number. Click "Back" to return to the smaller picture.

View Cart

  • When you are done shopping, click "View Cart". You can edit line items by changing the quantity and clicking "Update". You can delete line items by clicking on garbage can, and when promted click OK.

Park Cart

  • You may park any active a cart at any time and come back to it later. On the View Cart screen, click "Park Cart" under the Tools Menu. You can shut down your Mac/PC and come back hours, days, or weeks later. To activate your cart, access the KCDA website, and click "Cart Manager". From the carts listed, click on the "Cart No." of the one you want to work on. When your cart displays, click "Activate Cart". You may now continue shopping, check out, etc.

Check Cart Out

  • When you are finished shopping, print a hard copy of your cart by clicking the "Print Order" button. On a Mac, use the print icon at the top of the screen).
  • To Check Out, click the "Check Out" button. Your cart will go to the next approval level or directly to KCDA.
  • Very Important - If you do not check out your cart, your order will not be sent to you.

Cart Confirmation

  • Once KCDA has your order, a confirmation will be sent back to your cart manager. Simply open that cart and select KCDA Confirmation, this will give you confirmed pricing, and the KCDA order number. This is also where you can access invoice information.

Please contact KCDA with any questions.

e-mail: customerservice@kcda.org

Phone:425-251-8115, 1-800-422-5019

Fax: 253-395-5402