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Procurement Services That Save You Time and Money


About KCDA



KCDA’s mission is to provide centralized procurement services to member school districts and public agencies that will save them time and money as well as comply with all legal procurement requirements. Our goal is to help school districts focus their resources in the classroom and to help public agencies focus on direct services to the taxpayers.

What We Do

King County Directors' Association (KCDA) is a purchasing cooperative owned by Washington's public school districts. KCDA saves money for members by ordering in volume and supporting their purchasing and distribution requirements.

How We Operate

KCDA Purchasing Cooperative was founded 1938 by school board members in King County. We help members save money by creating volume purchasing and fulfilling bid law requirements. KCDA manages centralized receiving, warehousing, and distribution while offering additional contracts to provide a single-source for consumable supplies, facilities projects, and technology equipment.

Who We Serve

KCDA is a public agency and is authorized to accept members from all states. KCDA membership has grown to include public school districts, educational service districts, state agencies, counties, cities, and colleges throughout Washington and neighboring states. As we have added members, we have adapted our procurement processes to comply with the legal requirements of all of our members, regardless of location or type of entity.


There is no charge for membership in KCDA and no minimum level of participation. Becoming a member requires approving and signing an Interlocal Agreement.

Procurement Policy

KCDA is governed by procurement laws governing school districts in Washington. The basic statute authorizing the formation of KCDA is RCW 28A.320.080. KCDA is also authorized under the Interlocal Cooperation Act, RCW 39.34. The basic procurement law for school districts is RCW 28A.335.190. As KCDA has grown, many other types of public entities have become members. As many of these organizations have differing procurement requirements, KCDA has adapted our procedures to satisfy the legal requirements, both in advertising and bidding, of all of our members. All items and services under contract with KCDA have been awarded through a competitive sealed bid process, with contract, bid and advertising documents posted on our website.

Public Records Policy

KCDA is committed to providing the public full access to records concering the administration and operations of KCDA. KCDA's local public records act policy and procedures are intended to facilitate access to KCDA records without comprimising organization efficiency or prvacy rights.

Public Records Policy and Procedures.


KCDA's purchasing staff issues over 85 bids annually based on the requirements of its members. These awards fulfill all legal bid requirements and offer all members same day shipping on over 15,000 items from our 170,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Kent, Washington. Many larger items ship directly from our vendors.

KCDA Service Fee

KCDA’s operating budget is self funded through service fees charged on each warehouse order. Service fees are determined by KCDA’s cost to procure and support our members purchasing and warehousing requirements. Service fees and shipping to Washington, Oregon and Idaho members are included in KCDA's Supply Link pricing. KCDA does not charge service fees on our vendor direct contracts.


The KCDA Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors which is made up of publicly elected school board members from King County school districts. KCDA operates as an extension of your purchasing department, governed by the basic laws and regulations that apply to school districts in Washington.

Board Members
Division 1, Tim Clark

Kent School District #415

Division 2, Stefanie McIrvin

Renton School District #403 

Division 3, Lori Metschan

Enumclaw School District #216 

Division 4, Vacant

Division 5, Vacant