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Public Works Procedures

Public Works Procedures for Members and Contractors

  1. KCDA holds the primary contract, but the project contract is between the member and the awarded contractor.  Purchase orders must be issued to KCDA. KCDA does not add service fees to the contract price.

  2. If the procurement requires prevailing wages under RCW 39.12.040, the contractor and all subcontractors will send the Intents to Pay Prevailing Wage and Affidavits of Wages Paid to the member agency.  Intents and Affidavits must name the member agency as the awarding agency to reflect the project that is taking place.  KCDA checks for these documents during the progress of the project and works with the member and/or contractor if we are unable to locate them on the L&I website.   If there are problems obtaining these forms, KCDA will assist.  See liability for failure to comply under RCW 39.12.042. KCDA serves all counties in Washington State. The County in which the project is located will be identified once a member initiates a request for the service, and the effective wage rate to be applied to a specific project is to be based on the date of this bid during the original contract term, and if contract extensions are granted, the prevailing wage rate in affect at the time of the latest extension.

  3. If the public works project exceeds $150,000, then a Payment and Performance Bond is required under RCW 39.08.010, and paid for by the member either as a line item or embedded in the price of the job.  The contractor will acquire the bond and send it to the member prior to the beginning of work.  See liability for failure to obtain a bond under RCW 39.08.015.

  4. Certificates of Insurance are required. The contractor is to inquire as to the specific member agency insurance requirements, and acquire the certificate per the member agency directions, sending it to the member prior to the beginning of work.

  5. As KCDA receives invoices from the contractor, we will contact the member to make sure that the job is complete or that a progress payment is agreed to. We will then pay the contractor, withholding retainage.  KCDA will send an invoice to the member applying the same amount of retainage withheld. This is procedure unless a retainage bond was provided by the contractor according to RCW 60.28.11.

  6. When the job is completed and all of the Affidavits of Wages Paid have been certified, the member files a Notice of Completion with the Department of Revenue, Labor & Industries and Employment Security.

  7. If there is other paperwork that is required by the member, we ask that you forward it to KCDA as soon as the job is complete.  As needed, we will either forward to the contractor or monitor for receipt of completed documentation.

  8. KCDA will contact the member in 45 days to see if release letters from Dept. of Revenue, Employment Security and Labor and Industries and any other paperwork required by the member have been received.  Note: KCDA does not receive a copy of these letters, they need to be retained by the member for auditing purposes.

  9. When all is complete, KCDA will pay the contractor and invoice the member for the retainage, unless a retainage bond was provided by the contractor.