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Receiving and Checking in your Orders

Accepting Delivery
KCDA suggests that members verify shipments as they are received.
Check for Shortages and Damaged Cartons
To verify delivery of all pieces, use the KCDA packing slip provided with the shipment. The responsible individual should verify the total number of cartons received against the number of cartons KCDA listed on the packing slip. Additionally you must check for visible box damage.
  • If you Find Missing or Damaged Cartons - If cartons are missing or damaged, you must note the problem on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. The carrier will not pay freight claims and therefore you may not receive credit unless this information is noted on the Bill of Lading. Please retain a copy for your records and contact KCDA Customer to report the claim.
The driver is required to wait until you verify receipt of all boxes.
Delayed Check-in
If there will be a delay checking in the merchandise, please secure the shipment so unauthorized personnel, who may be anxious for their merchandise, cannot remove items.
Packing Slip
KCDA provides a packing slip for each shipment; this packing slip may contain multiple orders. Each Order/PO/Mark-For has its own page(s) and lists products and quantities shipped. Each "Mark For" is packaged separately with the box number for each item printed on the corresponding packing slip.
Box Labels
Boxes have a label on the outside which references your purchase order number, the mark for and all items packed inside that box.
Sorting Orders
Individual orders can easily be sorted using the "Mark For" on each carton. Once sorted, the orders will be ready for delivery to the appropriate classroom.
Verifying Items in Each Box
Check the contents of each carton against the packing slip or box label to verify all merchandise has been received.