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Statutory Authorizations

What are Statutory Authorizations of KCDA?

Title 41. State Government
Chapter 16. Public Contracts
Section 41-16-21.1 Joint Purchasing Agreements
Title 36 Public Contracts
Chapter 36.30 State Procurement Code
Article 9 Intergovernmental Relations
Section 36.30.700. Cooperative Purchasing Authorized
Title 41 State Government
Chapter 23 Arizona Procurement Code
Section 41-2632. Cooperative purchasing authorized
ARS Section 11-952 Intergovernmental agreements and contracts
Title 19 Public Finance
Chapter 11 Purchasing and Contracts
Section 19-11-249. Cooperative Purchasing
California Code
California Government Code
Title 1 General
Division 7 Miscellaneous
Chapter 5 Joint Exercise of Powers
Article 1 Joint Powers Agreements
Sections 6500 & 6502
Colorado Revised Statutes
Title 24 Government – State Procurement Code
Article 110 Intergovernmental Relations
CRS 24-110-201 Cooperative Purchasing Authorized
Connecticut Statutes
Title 7 Municipalities
Chapter 98 Municipal Powers
Section 7-148cc. Joint performance of municipal functions
Delaware Code
Title 29 State Government
Part VI Budget, Fiscal, Procurement and Contracting Regulations
Chapter 69. State Procurement
Subchapter III. Material and Nonprofessional Services
Section 6933. Authorization for cooperative purchasing
Title XI County Organization and Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 163 Intergovernmental Programs
Part I Miscellaneous Programs
163.01 Florida Interlocal Cooperation Act of 1969
Georgia Code
Title 36 Local Government
Provisions Applicable to Counties and Municipal Corporations
Chapter 69A Interlocal Cooperation
Section 36-69A-4. Joint exercise of powers, privileges, or authority
Division 1. Government
Title 9 Public Property, Purchasing and Contracting
Chapter 103D Hawaii Public Procurement Code
Part VIII Government Relations and Cooperative Purchasing
Section 103D-802. Cooperative purchasing authorized
Title 67 State Government and State Affairs
67-2807 Cooperative Purchasing
Chapter 23 Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 67-2326. Joint action by public agencies
Section 67-2328. Joint exercise of powers
Chapter 5 General Provisions
Act 220 Intergovernmental Cooperation Act
Section 3. Intergovernmental cooperation
Title 36 Local Government
Article 1 General Provisions
Chapter 7 Interlocal Cooperation
Section 36-1-7-2. Joint exercise of powers
Title I State Sovereignty and Management
Subtitle 10. Joint Governmental Activity
Chapter 28E Joint Exercise of Governmental Powers
Section 28E.3. Joint exercise of powers
Chapter 12 Cities and Municipalities
Article 29 Interlocal Cooperation
Section 12-2904. Interlocal agreements by public agencies
Title VI Financial Administration
Chapter 45a Kentucky Model Procurement Code
Kentucky Model Procurement Code
Section 45A.300. Cooperative purchasing
Title 39 Public Finance
Subtitle III. General Laws on State Debt
Chapter 17. Louisiana Procurement Code
Part VII Intergovernmental Relations
Section 39:1702. Cooperative purchasing authorized
Maine Revised Statutes
Title 30-A Municipalities and Counties
Part 2 Municipalities
Subpart 2 Organization and Interlocal Corporation
Section 2203. Joint exercise of powers
State Finance and Procurement
Division 2 Procurement
Title 13 Source Selection for Procurement Contracts
Subtitle 1 Methods for Selecting Procurement Sources
Section 3. Intergovernmental cooperative purchasing agreement
General Laws of Massachusetts
Part I Administration of the Government
Title III Laws Relating to State Officers
Chapter 30B. Uniform Procurement Act
Section 22. Cooperative Purchasing Agreements
Michigan Compiled Laws
Chapter 124 – Municipalities
Section 124.504. Joint exercise of powers
Minnesota Statutes
Chapter 471 Municipal Rights, Powers, Duties
471.59 Joint exercise of powers
Mississippi Code of 1972
Title 31 Public Business, Bonds and Obligations
Chapter 7 Public Purchases In General
Section 31-7-13. Cooperative purchasing agreements
Title VI County, Township & Political Subdivision Government
Chapter 70 Powers of Political Subdivisions to Cooperate or Contract with Governmental Units
Section 70.220. Political subdivisions may cooperate with each other
Title 18 Public Contracts
Chapter 4 Montana Procurement Act
Part 4 Cooperative Purchasing
Section 18-4-402. Cooperative Purchasing Authorized
Chapter 13 Cities, Counties, and Political Subdivisions
Section 13-2505. Joint exercise of powers.
Title 27 – Public Property and Purchasing
Chapter 332 Purchasing: Local Governments
General Provisions
NRS 332.195 Joinder or mutual use of contracts by local governments
New Hampshire
Title III Towns, Cities, Village Districts and Unincorporated Places
Chapter 53-A Agreements Between Government Units
Section 53-A:3 Joint Exercise of Powers
New Jersey
Title 52 State Government, Departments and Officers
Chapter 52:34-6.2 Cooperative purchasing agreements with other states
Section 7b(2). Cooperative purchasing authorized
New Mexico
Chapter 11 Intergovernmental Agreements and Authorities
Article 1 Joint Powers Authority
Section 11-1-3. Authority to enter into agreements
New York
General Municipal Law
Section 103
Subdivision 16
Use of cooperative contracts
North Carolina
Chapter 160A. Cities and Towns
Article 20 Interlocal Cooperation
Part 1 Joint Exercise of Powers
Section 160A-461. Interlocal cooperation authorized
North Dakota
Title 54 State Government
Chapter 54-40 Joint Exercise of Governmental Powers
Section 54-44.4-13. Cooperative purchasing
Ohio Revised Rule
General Provisions
Chapter 9: Miscellaneous
Section 9-48. Joint purchasing programs
Title 74 State Government
Chapter 31 Interlocal Cooperation Act
Section 74-1004. Agreements authorized
Chapter 279A Public Contracting
General Provisions
ORS 279A.205 Cooperative procurements authorized
ORS 279A.210 Joint Cooperative Procurements
ORS 279A.220 Interstate Cooperative Procurements
Title 62 Procurement (Pa.C.S.A.)
Part I Commonwealth Procurement Code
Chapter 19 Intergovernmental Relations
Section 62 Pa.C.S.A. § 1902. Cooperative purchasing authorized
Rhode Island
Rhode Island General Laws
Title 45 Towns and Cities
Chapter 40.1 Interlocal Contracting and Joint Enterprises
Section 45-40.1-4 Interlocal agreements
South Carolina
Title 11 Public Finance
Chapter 35 South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code
Article 19 Intergovernmental Relations
Section 11-35-4810. Cooperative purchasing authorized
South Dakota
Chapter 5 - 18A
Section 5-18A-37. Cooperation and agreements with other state and federal purchasing agencies
Title 12 Public Property, Printing and Contracts
Chapter 9 Interlocal Cooperation
Section 12-9-104. Interlocal agreements
Government Code
Title 7. Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 791 Interlocal Cooperation Contracts
Subchapter C. Specific Interlocal Contracting Authority
Section 791.025 Government Contracts for Purchases
Title 11 Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units
Chapter 13 Interlocal Cooperation Act
Section 11-13-201. Joint exercise of power, privilege, or authority by public agencies
Title Twenty-Four Municipal and County Government
Part 2. Municipalities
Chapter 121 Intermunicipal Cooperation & Services
Subchapter 4 Interlocal Contracts
Section 24 V.S.A. § 4901. Authorization
Title 2.2 Administration of Government
Subtitle II Administration of State Government
Part B. Transaction of Public Business
Chapter 43 Virginia Public Procurement Act
Article 2 Contract Formation and Administration
Section 2.2-4304. Cooperative procurement
Washington DC
Code of the District of Columbia
2-354.11 “Cooperative Purchasing”
Revised Code of Washington
Title 39 RCW Public Contracts & Indebtedness
Chapter 39.34 RCW Interlocal Cooperation Act
RCW 28A.320.080 Cooperative Purchasing
RCW 39.34.030 Joint Powers – Agreements for joint or cooperative action
West Virginia
West Virginia Code
Chapter 8 Municipal Corporations
Article 23 Intergovernmental Relations
Contracting and Joint Enterprises
Part II Intergovernmental Agreements and Contracts
Section 8-23-3. Intergovernmental Agreements Generally
Wisconsin 1999-2000 Statutes
Chapter 66 General Municipality Law
Subchapter III Intergovernmental Cooperation
Section 66.0303 Municipal Interstate Cooperation
Title 16 City, County, State and Local Powers
Chapter 1 Intergovernmental Cooperation
Article 1 In General
Section 16-1-101. Authority to cooperate