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Ordering From KCDA

Regular Orders

Orders received by 2:00pm Monday – Friday are shipped for 1-2 day delivery to most KCDA members.  Some products or delivery locations may require additional processing time.

School Start Up Orders
School Start up orders are placed in the spring and summer for supplies that will be needed the following school year. Orders can be placed on online, on Order forms that can be printed from our website, or your districts hard copy Purchase Order. Please indicate your requested delivery date for summer delivery. Our warehouse will make every attempt to meet your requested date.
Scheduled Delivery Orders
To help schools with limited storage facilities, members can order products and store them in the KCDA warehouse for delivery at scheduled times throughout the year. This is particularly helpful with high usage items such as copier and printer paper, facial tissues, paper towels etc.
  • Items may be ordered for delivery throughout the school year.
  • Items are shipped and invoiced as requested.
  • Pricing is fixed when you place your order and based on the total quantity ordered.
  • Copy paper pricing will be adjusted quarterly based on market conditions.
Ordering through Vendor Direct Contracts
To initiate an order with a KCDA Contract Vendor please visit the "Awarded Contracts" page at  Once you have located your contract category and selected a vendor please review the "Order Placement / Processing" section on that contract page for specific instructions to order through this vendor.  Depending on the vendor contract, you may be directed to contact the referenced KCDA Purchasing Agent, or be instructed to contact the vendor directly through the information detailed on the Awarded Contract page.
Vendor Direct Contracts
All vendor direct contracts (i.e. including AEPA contracts) are awarded based on a competitive, sealed bid process by KCDA. Items ordered under these contracts are shipped directly from the vendor/manufacturer to our member. KCDA invoices our member once the item(s) have shipped and we have received an invoice from the vendor/manufacturer. KCDA does not charge service fees on our vendor direct contracts.
Vendor Direct Billing
Certain KCDA contracts are set up with vendor direct billing, examples:
  • Copiers
  • Facilities and Maintenance Management Software
  • LED Lighting
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Technology – Computers, Printers, Equipment
Parent-Teacher Associations and other Group Purchasing Requirements
PTA’s and other parent-teacher-student organizations fundraising toward a specific project (Example: Playground Equipment) may take advantage of the pricing and product selection options offered by KCDA’s awarded vendors if the order placement and billing transaction is handled by your school with KCDA.  Washington State law only permits publically funded school districts, private K-12 schools and other public agencies to place direct orders with KCDA.  PTA’s and other parent-teacher-student organizations may utilize KCDA Purchasing if their school agrees to place and process an order on their behalf.

Purchases made through KCDA must be in compliance with all established school and government policies, and are not intended for private use.