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KCDA Contract Updates

  • February 22, 2019
For more than 80 years, KCDA has been a leader in providing centralized procurement services. Every dollar spent using our contracts increases our purchasing power and helps us get lower pricing. We are governed by the basic laws and regulations that apply to our members so you can be assured that our contracts are safe, legal, and compliant.

On February 21, 2019 the KCDA Board Members approved contracts on the following Bids:

Athletic Equipment, Bid AEPA 018-5C

Career & Tech Education, Bid AEPA 018.5B

Classroom Aids, Bid 19-015

Copiers, Bid AEPA 017-B

Facility Management Software, Bid AEPA 016-A

First Aid Supplies, Bid 19-110

Furniture, Bid AEPA 018-D

Integrated Systems and Critical Communications, Bid 17-405

LED Lighting, Bid AEPA 018-B

Library Supplies, Bid 19-020

Mobile Learning, Bid AEPA 016-C

Patient Care Training Equipment, Bid 17-116

PE Equipment & Supplies, Bid 19-120

Roofing, Bid AEPA 017-F

Scoreboards, Bid AEPA 016-I

Synthetic Track, Fields and Tennis Court, Bid AEPA016-H

Synthetic Turf, Bid AEPA 016-G

Sport Court/Field Lighting, Bid 19-406

Technology, Bid AEPA 018-A