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Crayola Colors of the World Paint - 8 Oz., 9 Assorted - Multi-Cultural

Express your creativity with this paint set, children can choose from a range of nine blendable skin tone paints created to mirror authentic skin colors which are designed to inspire activities on diversity and self-awareness. This paint set for kids is great to have on hand for school projects, crafts, and creative play. Specially formulated colors fall into three main shades: Almond, Golden and Rose, and all the darker or lighter shades in between. Specially formulated to wash cleanly from skin and most washable clothing. Set in 9 resealable 8-ounce bottles. Safe and nontoxic, Recommend for ages 3+ years. Crayola, No Substitute.

Crayola 54-2314
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  • 9 Assorted - Multi-Cultural

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