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Gloss Glaze Sets - Pint, 6 Assorted - Classpack #1

This glaze comes in a variety of bright, true colors that can be intermixed to create an infinite palette of colors that glide smoothly onto bisque, with a self-leveling formula that eliminates brushstrokes from the fired finish. Apply these glazes to cone 04/03 earthenware bisque and glaze fire to cone 06/05. Even on red clay, colors retain their vibrancy. Color performance at cone 6 varies and is noted on each label. Because they fire to a high gloss finish, these glazes do not require clear glazing. We recommend testing on your preferred clay body and firing temperature prior to use. When applying glaze to clay, apply 2-3 coats over the entire piece, leaving an area unglazed, such as the back or bottom, to allow for outgassing, can be applied to wet or leather hard clay. Clay should be completely dry before firing. Non-toxic, lead-free, and food safe. Blick or equal.

Blick 30482-1009
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  • 6 Assorted - Classpack #1
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