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2.6 Cu. Ft. Electric Kilns - 208 Volt - 1 Phase

Fits most small studios, the size makes it easy to load at 18" deep. This kiln has all the bells and whistles of the larger kilns in a more compact size. Write your own firing programs with up to 32 Segments using Ramp and Hold. Now you can store up to 12 programs or use the tried and true factory set programs in conefire mode. Built in Diagnostics give you or our technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with just a few button presses. Safety features help prevent accidental starts and overfires. Software keeps track of your firing costs and the number of firings. Fuse glass, slow cool cone 6 glazes, grow crystals…whatever you want to program this controller can handle. Stainless steel jacket, UL and CSA listed, 1 year warranty, 145 pounds shipping weight, with kiln sitter and shut off timer. Skutt or equal.

Please complete and submit the Kiln Electrical Form found in the "Form Required" Tab below in conjunction with submitting your order to KCDA.

Skutt KM818 208v
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