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Oven Baked Polymer-Talc Moist Clay

This is a moist form clay which includes talc and a polymer that melts at 350 degree Fahrenheit for strength, it is not categorized by a cone temperature as it is baked in a conventional oven and not a kiln. This clay is “not" food-safe and cannot be usee for dishware. There are no glazes that can go on a clay that fires to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Perfect for young artists who want to try out pottery and for people who do not have access to a kiln, this oven dried clay offers a low-commitment for someone looking to try this art form. There is a color difference with any clay in a wet to fired state, this will clay lightens in color and shrinkage is minimal to none.
Bake in a conventional oven just as you would fire a kiln, add your project into the oven during preheat and holding at the peak temperature of 350F for at least 5-10 minutes, watching your oven closely. Paint with acrylic paint when dried and cooled. Seattle Pottery or equal.

SPS 24#
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