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VL-Whisper Potter Wheel

The superior technology of Shimpo’s RK-Whisper potter’s wheel and the popular features of Shimpo’s Velocity V75 potter’s wheel have been combined to create the second model in Shimpo’s Whisper series potter’s wheels: the VL-Whisper. Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and we can now say the quietest wheel in the potter’s wheel market. It’s a “quiet" that must be heard to be believed. Shimpo, No Substitute.

- Brushless DC Motor / Smooth, quiet, powerful / No maintenance.
- Electronic Controller / Maintains desired speed under all load conditions.
- Reversibility / Accommodates left and right-hand users.
- Built-In Breaker / Motor is protected from overload.
- Remote Foot Pedal and Adjustable Height / Accommodate all throwing positions.
- Wheel-head Turns Freely at 0 RPM / Serves as a banding wheel.
- Two Piece Splash-pan.
- Two-Year Warrant.

Shimpo VL Whisper
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