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AEPA Bid #020
A - Natural and Syntheitc Surfaces for Sport Fields, Tracks, Courts, Playgrouond & Landscaping Applications
B - Carpet & Resilient Flooring
C - Digital Resources & Instructional Materials
D - Facility Management Software
E - Lawn and Groundskeeping Equipment Supplies & Services
F - Digital Display Solutions
G - Vehicles, Cars, SUVs, Crossovers, Light Duty Trucks, Vans, Police & Public Safety

AEPA Bid #019.5
A - Telescopic Bleachers & Stadium Seating
B - Playground Recreational Equipment

AEPA Bid #019-A
A. Telescopic Bleachers & Stadium Seating
B. Custodial Supplies & Equipment
C. Office Supplies
D. Playground &Recreational Equipment
E. School & Instructional Supplies