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GP Forward General Purpose Cleaner - 5 Gallon, All Purpose

This concentrated cleaner is a unique blend of ingredients, all balanced, coordinated and working together for excellent cleaning efficiency on any washable surface. This product can be applied via high pressure, foam gun, sponge, brush or mop. This product is also an excellent soak cleaner and can be used in automatic floor scrubbers. Using this cleaner provides full-range cleaning power, with powerful emulsifiers to remove the most difficult soils, even dirt locked in by grease or soap scum. Leaving a sparkling, virtually film free surface, even in hard water areas with a fresh clean scent in areas being cleaned. Clean Scent. Johnsons Wax, Diversey, No Substitute.

All sales of COVID-19 related products are final and not returnable to vendor.

DIVERSEY DV101104495
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