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Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant - 32 Oz., Disinfectants

This professional surface disinfectant is gentle enough to clean break room countertops and children's toys, yet tough enough to wipe out fast-spreading germs and viruses. Formulated with patented ethyl alcohol technology to kill 27 critical, disease-causing organisms, made to eliminate 22 of them, including Norovirus and cold and flu viruses, in just 30 seconds. The light, fresh citrus fragranced formula is bleach free and will not release harsh chemical fumes, it also features the lowest allowable EPA toxicity rating, making it great for use in offices and child day care facilities. Formulated for food contact surfaces, eliminating the need to rinse or wipe down tables and counters after cleaning, no handwashing is required once you or your employees are finished using it. Purell, No Substitute.

All sales of COVID-19 related products are final and not returnable to vendor.

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