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Lysol Disinfecting Surface Wipes - 80 Wipes, Surface

This powerful cleaner is designed to cut through tough soils, sanitize and disinfect with a clean lemon and Lime blossom scent. Ideal for use on frequently touched surfaces such as countertops, table and desk surfaces, door handles, railings, phones, and computers. Safe to use on electronics and touch screens, including smartphones, tablets, monitors, keyboards, mouse, and remote controls. 80 wipes per package. Lysol, No Substitute.
  • To Clean: Wipe surface to remove soil.
  • To Sanitize: Leave surface visibly wet for 10 seconds.
  • To Disinfect: Leave surface visibly wet for 4 minutes.

All sales of COVID-19 related products are final and not returnable to vendor.

Lysol RAC77182CT / ST814333
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