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Bostitch inPower Desktop Stapler - Manual, Black/Silver

You can count on consistent stapling using this spring-powered desktop stapler. The lightweight design has nonslip grip and base to allow comfortable handling whether stapling with one finger, the palm of your hand or open for bulletin board tacking, while the jam-free mechanism delivers smooth stapling performance. This stapler features an integrated staple remover to allow quick fixes, with a staple storage compartment in the base to keep extra staples on hand for immediate reloading. The die-cast metal housing delivers long-lasting performance while nonslip base provides stability and tabletop protection. Staples up to 28 sheets of paper, using full-strip standard (210) staples. Bostitch, No Substitute.

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Amax Bostitch ACF1110
General Office Color
  • Black/Silver

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