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Treezero Multipurpose Copy Paper - 8-1/2"x11" - 20#, White - Recycled

This is a 20#, 92 bright white, premium multipurpose paper for everyday high-volume use copiers, laser and inkjet printers, and facsimile machines. Made with sugar cane waste fiber and recycled content it is 100% recyclable, jam free, acid free and ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free). Treezero, No Substitute.

TreeZero is a sustainable solutions company that markets, supplies, and distributes 100% tree free, carbon neutral paper made from 100% sugarcane waste fiber and 100% recycled content. We have assessed our carbon footprint and partnered with Wildlife Works to 0 set our carbon emissions.

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Recycled Product Recycled Product
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  • White - Recycled

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