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FloormarX Floor Marker Set - Green & Blue

This innovative floor marking system was designed for creating quick-to-apply and easy to remove durable markings and symbols on sealed gymnasium and dance studio floors, and other non-porous floor surfaces. Great for making small symbols, letters, numbers, dashed lines etc. that will not be too large to clean up. Ink will not smear or come off on wet shoes or sweaty hands/bodies and clothes (ideal for younger students who may be sitting on marked spots etc.). The specialized Ink will stay down through most types of custodial cleanings but cleans off with FloormarX Foot Wipes (tested as safe for your floors and leave no slippery residue behind). Huge ink supply lasts as long as four rolls of average floor tape. Set includes (1) green marker, (1) blue marker, (1) canister cleaning foot wipes. FloorMarX, No Substitute.

Note: Before full application, always test on multiple, small, inconspicuous areas of the floor.

FloormarX 93-092
Physical Education Color
  • Green & Blue

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