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Spikeball - Roundnet Game - Rookie Set

Spikeball is a combination of volleyball and foursquare and can be very competitive and challenging. It is typically a four-player game with two teams of two players each (or 2 by 2). Spikeball is the brand name for the sport of roundnet. Roundnet or specifically Spikeball is played with a yellow ball and a black and yellow roundnet that looks like a small trampoline. Each team is allowed 3 touches before they have to hit the ball down into the net. Then the next team gets to it around up to 3 times and so forth. If you mess up and don't hit it back into the net the other team gets the point. Spikeball is played to 21 points and your team has to win by 2 points. Indoor or Outdoor. Spikeball or equal.

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