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FieldTurf USA, Inc. - Athletic Surfaces Contract AEPA 020-A

FieldTurf was developed and engineered for athletes, by athletes. The company that changed the way athletes view “artificial turf”. Before FieldTurf, natural grass was considered by many to be the best solution for sports fields around the world – even though it required constant maintenance and could not withstand heavy use. FieldTurf changed the industry perfecting the long pile, in-filled artificial turf product  To date, FieldTurf has over 7,000 installations worldwide.

Member Benefits
• Pre-determined, preferential pricing
• Eliminate duplication and expense of bid process
• Turn-key process
• Expedite the purchase/installation of sport surface
• Obtain the products you want at a competitive price

AEPA 020-A, Athletic Surfaces, Contract Extension #3 Valid Until February 29, 2024

KCDA Contacts

Thomas Kim, Director of Purchasing

  • 425-251-8115, 800-422-5019 ext. 143
  • 253-395-5402

Vendor Contacts

Eric Fisher, Director of Sales - SmartBuy

Sarah Morehead