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Midwest Technology - Career & Technical Education Contract AEPA 018.5-B

Midwest Technology Products is an educational supplier of Career & Tech Education Supplies and Equipment.Our website and catalog have over 12,000 products that are used in areas such as Automotive, Stem, Drafting, Electrical, Construction Trades, Vo-Ag, Metalworking, Small Engine, Welding and Woodworking as well as new areas of Makerspaces.We are a dedicated, family-owned business that has prospered over the course of four generations and 100 years.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products paired with exceptional customer service since 1909.

AEPA 018.5-B, Career and Technical Education, Contract Expires February 28, 2022

KCDA Contacts

Karri Wyman, Contract and Procurement Specialist

Vendor Contacts

Sarah Cruz, Sales Associate