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Musco Sports Lighting, LLC - Sport Court and Field Lighting Contract 406

Musco has shaped the history of sports lighting since 1976, specializing in the design and manufacture of systems for venues of all sizes around the world. Built on a foundation of responsibility to the needs of facility owners, players, spectators, and the surrounding environment, Musco’s solutions have illuminated everything from neighborhood ballfields to NFL and MLB stadiums, NBA and NHL arenas, major collegiate facilities, and the Olympic Games.

Musco’s TLC for LED™ technology is a visionary evolution of the company’s system-based sports lighting solutions, achieving a level of light quality, control, and uniformity never before possible. Virtually eliminating glare and spill, TLC for LED is the result of Musco applying its more than 40 years of research and experience in light control to the unique characteristics of the LED light source. The system is ideal for retrofits or as a solution complete from foundation to poletop, and is backed by a long-term parts and labor warranty.

19-406 Sport Court and Field Lighting, Contract Expires February 28, 2022

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