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Nor-Pac Seating Co., Inc. - Bleachers Contract 374

From Elementary schools to major universities, cafetoriums to community centers, we’ve helped seat crowds intimate and substantial by showing designers and owners how to make the most of space, style, and budget. We’re not content to be just another vendor—our clients consider us a trusted partner, integral to the design consultation and construction of their facilities. Nor-Pac Seating Co. represents the very best spectator seating companies in the world to mention a few; Hussey Seating Co., National Recreation Systems (angle frame), E&D Specialty Stands (I-Beam) and Whitley Evergreen pre-manufactured press boxes. As a family ran business since 1982 we believe in doing business the old fashion way: face-to-face.

22-374 Bleachers, Contract Expires July 31, 2023

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