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Pitsco Education - School and Instructional Supplies Contract AEPA 019-E

Our experience tells us that the best way to educate students and prepare them for college and careers is to provide socially interactive, learner-centric environments where they can exchange and test ideas, work with others, and lead open-ended projects. We know it’s more than just content acquisition – it’s helping students develop perseverance, collaboration skills, and a growth mind-set.

This experience is rooted in and supported by research-based, future-relevant learning frameworks that form the foundation of our products and curriculum. We integrate the tenants of these frameworks into our development process to ensure we provide the resources schools need to help students develop the transferable skills required for success in life in an ever-changing world.

AEPA 019-E School and Instructional Supplies, Contract Expires February 28, 2021

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Thomas Kim

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Staci Goodson, Educational Account Representative