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ACI Mechanical - HVAC Filters Contract 069

ACI offers top-tier filters for schools. With their ample warehouse space, they provide a broad range of MERV-rated, HEPA, Fiberglass, Multi Pleat, and Ring Panel filters in both standard and custom sizes, all crafted in-house. To streamline delivery and unloading, ACI palletizes, bags, and tags their filters, ensuring each shipment is organized and efficient via their dedicated box truck, which guarantees timely deliveries. When schools are ready to replace old, dirty filters, ACI offers a filter recycling station that emphasizes both sustainability and cost savings. They have specialized filter experts on hand to assist with orders, and their user-friendly online store simplifies the reordering and order management process.

23-069 HVAC Air System & MERV Filters, Initial Contract Valid Until August 31, 2024

KCDA Contacts

Carmen Parker, Procurement Specialist

Vendor Contacts

Blair Wyman, Sales Engineer