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Facility Management Express (FMX) - Computerized Maintenance Management AEPA 024-D

Optimize your district's operations. If your system doesn't help you ensure operational excellente throughout your district-it's time for a change.

FMX is an all-in-one system. Comprehensive reporting data helps you support capital
investments, maximize energy usage, and shift into proactive work, all from a singular interface. Our software was designed specifically for schools. Whatever your school or district's pain
points, we've been there before and we know how to help. We can help you reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Extensive tracking and reporting capabilities give you the upper hand. Use capital planning insights to make informed decisions
about staffing, equipment purchases, and facility improvements.

AEPA 024-D Computerized Maintenace Management, Contract Vaild Until February 28, 2025

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Janice Lee, Contract and Procurement Specialist