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Customer Service Team

Our knowledgeable Customer Service team is ready to assist you with questions or inquiries regarding the wide range of products and services available through KCDA.

Customer Service Representatives are available from 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday
Phone Numbers: 800-422-5019 ~ 425-251-8115
Fax: 253-395-5402

Dane Hewitt
Joined KCDA on January 13, 2014
Director of Marketing
Ext. 117


Pennie Britz
Joined KCDA on August 23, 1999
Customer Service Lead
Ext. 120

Etta Smith-Rice
Joined KCDA on October 6, 2007
Customer Service Representative
Ext. 148

Pauline Peterson
Joined KCDA on January 16, 2009
Customer Service Representative
Ext. 128

Lima Lotoa
Joined KCDA on November 1, 2017
Customer Service Representative
Ext. 118

Wendy Ettel
Joined KCDA on August 9, 1999
Website Designer - IWA Member
Ext. 146