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Total Technology - Technology Buy Back Service Contract AEPA 023-E

The fact education is driven by technology is undisputed.  Almost every school and agency has a 1-1 ratio of mobile devices to students and/or staff.  Sometimes the ratio is even 2-1.   Remaining ahead of the technology curve is crucial to success.  To remain financially sustainable, getting the most return value at end of life for those devices creates funding for your next deployment.

The Technology Buyback Contract 023E is unique in that you are not buying products but compliantly selling your assets.  The contract ensures that schools and agencies get a fully vetted vendor and helps maximize the value of devices being retired.  Since 2011 Total Technology’s process has been simple, transparent, and quick.  From device valuation to complimentary shipping to data erasure to payout, the process is a breeze.

If you also deploy Total Technology’s TechU Community Marketplace, you are fulfilling RCW 28A.335.180 requirements for making the devices available to other public school districts and approved private schools.  Extending the lifecycle of your devices is good for your school, the community, and the environment.

AEPA 023-E - Technology Buy Back Service, Contract Extension #1, Valid Until February 28, 2025

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Janice Lee, Contract and Procurement Specialist