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Romtec, Inc. - Playground and Recreational Structures Contract AEPA 023.5-B

Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs site-built park and recreation buildings and structures for different applications in all 50 states. Our process begins by designing a building to meet the needs of our customer and providing accurate estimates for the completed project (designed, delivered, and installed). Every Romtec building is completely customizable at no additional cost for design and Romtec assists with the bid process by providing the necessary drawings, and specifications. Once Romtec’s engineered plan set is approved by the local building department, Romtec manufactures, supplies, and delivers the complete building package to be constructed by the contractor or by Romtec, as a turnkey project.

AEPA 023.5-B Playground and Recreational Structures, Contract Extension #1 Valid Until May 31, 2025

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